MIMAL is your custom manufacturer. MIMAL provides design engineering, fabrication and production of construction machines and paving tools. The product and fabrication range includes plate compactors, circular saws, and a wide selection of grabs, clamps, hammers, screeds, skimmers, vibrating screeds, paver cutters, rolling form strips, paver dollies, chucks, and paving bars, complemented by miscellaneous paving accessories.


Here is what you should do.
Read this introduction and call us for details. You will also have to meet certain essential requirements (like serving your official incorporation certificates), make the final decision, and start making money with us.

Does MIMAL have any particular requirements for prospective Resellers?
Anyone with a registered (incorporated) business and the will to profit from cooperation with MIMAL can be our Reseller.

Who pays for delivery of stocks?
The Reseller pays the delivery fees up to a certain order amount threshold, above which MIMAL will deliver your stock free of shipping fees. We cooperate on contract with forwarders and know exactly the fee levels for specific shipping package weight and size. The exact order amount threshold above which MIMAL deliveries are made free of charge will be established during the final contract negotiation with you. You can also ship with your vehicles if you want to.

How does MIMAL provide servicing of its products?
MIMAL operates a 24/7 in-house service centre which covers the entire territory of Poland. Ask us for more details.

How long is a MIMAL Reseller's contract?
We will cooperate with you as long as you pay us for every stock delivery you order.

How to become a MIMAL Reseller, step by step:
Send us the copies of your incorporation certificates. This will include the National Court Register certificate, the TIN (NIP, in Polish) and REGON (the National Economic Registry number). We will send you a catalogue of products we can provide you with to showcase them on your sales floor display. You can freely negotiate which items in this catalogue you want to have. This will help you provide your customers with a hands-on experience and support their buying decision. We will coordinate with you the form of payment for the first stock delivery, because we care for your convenience. All details will be arranged when you finally declare to become a MIMAL Reseller. We have tested and proven out-of-the-box ideas on how to effectively close each sale. We will be happy to discuss them with you once you become a MIMAL Reseller.


1. Send us your request for proposal by e-mail or fax. You can also visit us and have your request processed in person.
2. Specify the size of your order (the number of pieces). Also specify if the order will be one-off or recurring. You will also need to provide your engineering drawings by e-mail, fax or in hard copy.  
3. You can request a specific deadline on your order or ask us about the possible lead time. 
4. Should you have any questions, doubts or further requests, relay the to MIMAL at the following contact data.

Made up your mind? Need to know more?
Call or e-mail us!

Your assistant will be:

tel: +48 (59) 863 12 33
fax: +48 (59) 863 20 64