About us

Paving tool engineering and manufacturing

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Usługowe MIMAL (a manufacturing and service company) was established with Polish private capital in October 1993. MIMAL was formed by restructuring of Zakłady Wytwórcze Aparatury Wysokiego Napięcia w Warszawie (Warsaw High-Voltage Equipment Manufacturing), Zakład Z-3 Lębork (Z-3 Branch in Lębork, Poland). MIMAL currently employs approximately a staff of 50 on various work shifts.

PPU MIMAL designs and manufactures light construction machines and professional paving equipment and tools. All these products are based on proprietary engineering carried out by the MIMAL Design Office and come complete with all marketing-essential approvals, CE safety certificates and EC declarations of conformity. We sell our products via a large chain of Authorized Resellers and directly from the Manufacturing Plant at the corporate headquarters. We are partners to dozens of distributors in Poland, Germany, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Estonia and Sweden.

The product and fabrication range includes plate compactors, circular saws and masonry table saws, and a wide selection of grabs, clamps, hammers, screeds, skimmers, vibrating screeds, paver cutters, rolling form strips, paver dollies, chucks, and paving bars, complemented by miscellaneous paving accessories.

MIMAL's objectives include new market launches every year. All products come with all approvals, CE safety certificates and EC declarations of conformity essential for marketing in the EU and the Russian Federation. Each finished product is inspected and tested in operating conditions as a part of our quality assurance program. Each product is covered by a 12-month commercial warranty.

Our machines, tools and equipment boast superior quality, sophisticated aesthetic finish, great ergonomics of operation, competitive pricing, hire purchasing options, and warranty service at your site.

ISO 9001:2015

To become a reliable manufacturer and service provider. In May 1996 we started our preparations for implementation and certification of an ISO 9001 Quality System. On 23 January 1997, we were granted a Quality System Certificated from the Polish Register of Shipping in Gdańsk. The certified Quality Management System quickly opened many business opportunities in Germany, the Great Britain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and — by agency — the USA. MIMAL currently holds an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate.
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